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Why Choose Us? -Cost

Why Choose Us? - Cost

FLD was founded to help small to medium sized companies be more competitive in the global marketplace.
The following are some of the methods we use to achieve this goal:
Low-Cost Manufacturing Centers
FLD operates manufacturing facilities in Ningbo, China. These facilities take advantage of the low material and labor cost available in China. In addition, many of the corporate support functions are also based in our China facility.
This enables us to provide the most competitive prices available in the world.
Lean Organizational Structure
FLD prides itself on the excellent service that we provide to the customer. We also realize that customers require that this service be done efficiently without adding a large overhead to their costs.
We accomplish this by running a lean global organization. We choose to spend our corporate dollars on what will benefit the customer the most.
In addition, we take advantage of global opportunities for low cost employees and the latest developments in productive business software.

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